Juniper Home Company is a Lubbock based residential home builder. Our philosophy is rooted in a love for people and a desire for more timeless architecture in Lubbock, TX. We are led by a decade of experience in the construction industry, allowing us to successfully manage a project from concept to completion. Our business model relies on our unique designs, our attention to detail and our ability to bring “calm” to the chaos that is construction. This model is supported through our craftsman influenced plan options, constant jobsite supervision and ongoing communication with our customers throughout the building process. We offer and deliver a truly custom home building experience.



Dan Biase entered into the construction industry over 10 years ago, after earning a business degree from Texas Tech University, a brief stint in the financial world and a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail. His career history spans various aspects of the industry, including residential building, foam insulation and building products supply.


Dan is passionate about creating quality homes that are beautiful today and long into the future. He loves people, timeless architecture, rising to a good challenge, and West Texas. Dan enjoys spending time with his wife Suzanne, and his six daughters, June, Annie, Rose, Pearl, Minnie and Dolly. He loves being a Dad, living in Lubbock, and building houses!